Colorado Youth Sports Summit

State-Based Initiative to Reimagine Youth Sports in Colorado
Like other states, Colorado faces challenges in dealing with a crisis of physical inactivity, parental concerns about injuries, and declining participation in youth sports. How can leaders work together to make sport more affordable, accessible and developmentally appropriate for all children?
Please join us on April 8 at the University of Denver for the first-ever Colorado Youth Sports Summit, where we will review and recognize sport programs and activities that contribute positively to the overall development of children.
The summit builds on the work of the Aspen Institute’s Project Play, a multi-stage initiative to provide stakeholders with the tools to build healthier communities through sports. Led by executive director Tom Farrey, Project Play has used research and input from experts, including several from Colorado, to provide guidance for those of us working in youth sports.
The goal of this summit is to reaffirm Colorado as a leader in the provision of youth sport programs that teach physical literacy and prepare young people for a lifetime of healthy physical activity. Only by working together at the state and local levels can we overcome the challenges that we face.
Come learn more about Project Play and share your ideas for how youth sports can help our children achieve physical literacy and meet their developmental needs.
Program Highlights:
  • Kick off with Tom Farrey, author of Game On: The All American Race to Make Champions of Our Children, award winning journalist, and director of Project Play
  • A presentation on the importance of Physical Literacy by Robin Schepper, Director, Bipartisan Policy Center, Washington, DC
  • Panel of leaders from USOC, national governing bodies and other organizations that have already reimagined youth sports in their developmental programs
  • A presentation on injuries in youth sport by Dr.Shale Wong, Pediatrics, CU School of Medicine
  • Breakout sessions on using The Playbook to promote physical literacy and overall childhood development
  • A presentation on  integrating physical literacy into youth sport practices
  • General summary of best practices and a CALL TO ACTION for improving youth sports

More information is available on the event website here