Past Events

October 5, 2016
Washington, DC

The Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program, American College of Sports Medicine, the Global Obesity Prevention Center at Johns Hopkins, and Laureus Foundation USA hosted the Innovation Summit: Moving American Health Across the Spectrum of Physical Activity. This invitation-

September 8, 2016
Washington, DC

As president of the NCAA, Mark Emmert leads one of the most influential and far-reaching organizations in all of sports.

August 25, 2016
Dallas, TX

Sports & Society executive director Tom Farrey will address more than 400 representatives from National Governing Bodies, sports commissions, and visitors bureaus at the 9th Annual Olympic SportsLink, an event designed to provide unique opportunities to create strategic partnerships between N

May 17, 2016
Washington, DC

In the year since the release of the seminal Aspen Institute report, Sport for All, Play for Life: A Playbook to Get Every Kid in the Game, many organizations have taken action consistent with its eight strategies for the eight sectors that touch the lives of children.

April 8, 2016
Denver, CO
Like other states, Colorado faces challenges in dealing with a crisis of physical inactivity, parental concerns about injuries, and declining participation in youth sports.
November 11, 2015
Las Vegas, NV

At the world's leading conference for the sports events industry, a session is devoted to the Project Play report and its eight strategies for the eight sectors that touch the lives of children.

November 6, 2015
Santa Fe, NM

At the 36th annual conference of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, a session titled "NASSS Coaches Assess the Project Play Report" presents an invited panel of NASSS members who are youth coaches to engage their sociological imagination and critically discuss the goals and re

October 26, 2015 to October 27, 2015
Palto Alto, CA
At the SAP InnoJam in Palo Alto, the Aspen Institute's Tom Farrey issued a challenge to student teams from Bay Area universities based on an opportunity identified in the Project Play report: Build a tool that can connect youth, parents and others to the full array of sport programs and sites i
October 14, 2015
Colorado Springs, CO

Sports and Society Program Executive Director Tom Farrey will present to 20 Community Olympic Development Program (CODP) directors at the CODP conference.

October 6, 2015
Washington, DC

The increasingly sedentary lifestyles of children, and participation declines in many youth sports, are in part due to a structural reality: lack of access to safe, affordable, nearby recreation facilities.