Project Play: Baltimore

Baltimore has a rich history of developing its children and communities through sport participation, from the early days of Babe Ruth to the proliferation of recreation centers that anchored communities throughout the city. Now, working with key local stakeholders, we aim to write the next great chapter, through a unique initiative designed to create new opportunities for youth, ensuring access to and participation in sport.

Project Play: Baltimore is based on a simple idea: That no single organization can do this alone. Only through teamwork can leaders and caregivers expand the quality and quantity of sport experiences for local youth so they may receive all of the associated physical, mental and social-emotional benefits.

To help civic and sport groups mobilize, Under Armour is partnering with the Aspen Institute – a nonprofit and leader in the effort to mobilize communities in cross-sector collaboration and innovation.

In the 2015 report, Sport for All, Play for Life: A Playbook to Get Every Kid in the Game, the Aspen Institute offers eight strategies for the eight sectors that touch the lives of children. This playbook will be the basis for which Project Play: Baltimore is constructed.

Project Play: Baltimore is a bold experiment designed to serve and inspire a community while building a roadmap for future implementation in Baltimore and beyond. The newly revitalized community center on Fayette Street will serve as the hub for the initiative.

The project’s initial three-year focus will be on East Baltimore, specifically a two-square mile area that is home to 20 schools and approximately 12,000 children. To drive the effort, Under Armour and the Aspen Institute will:

  • Take measure of the State of Play in East Baltimore through an environmental scan
  • Share knowledge on how to build healthy kids and communities through sport
  • Host local stakeholders to identify needs, discover resources, and set shared goals
  • Initiate relationships with regional and national organizations to assist in the effort
  • Provide a project manager dedicated to engaging participating groups and driving Collective Impact
  • Document and share findings with the goal of driving results across the city and country

Project Contact: Andre Fountain, Project Coordinator,